Shopee and Lazada are our main companions these days when we get bored and it elevated a new shopping experience for people without compromising the risk of COVID-19. In this post I will teach you how to top up your Shopee Pay account using GCash.

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Why Shopee, not Lazada?

My girlfriend and I are Shopeeholics. We like to browse the Shopee app and if we find something interesting, we add it to cart and wait for the monthly promotions i.e 4/4, 5/5, 7/7 and so on.

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For us Shopee is better than Lazada for these reasons.

Cheaper Items

We don’t want to spend more for the same item, right? Else we will regret in the end knowing that there’s a cheaper one in the other platform.

That is exactly the reason why we prefer Shopee over Lazada. We always compare the prices for the same item and most of the time, Shopee has cheaper listings than Lazada. 

Free Shipping & Cashback Vouchers

Shopee has a daily routine of giving away free shipping vouchers. It usually happens at 12pm, 6pm, 9pm or 12 am midnight. If we want to check out an item in our carts, we usually wait at 12 am midnight for us to avail free shipping vouchers. Shipping fee is around 120-160 by the way so that’s a lot of money if you purchase 6-8 items in a month.

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And oh, on top of that you could also earn coins for every purchase! The same coins can be used for discounts. Pretty good deal, right?

Easy User Interface

I hate to say this but Lazada app has a crappy user interface. It is cluttered and the use of colors is not cohesive. The color accents are not there. You don’t know where to look and you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Shopee app on the other hand is well-designed. I love the use of their branding and it stands out in the homepage. The user experience is pretty intuitive and it’s not confusing at all.


Why GCash?

GCash is a staple app for every Filipino. In this era of pandemic, you can hardly survive without electronic wallets. Electronic wallets or e-wallets help us pay utility bills online, buy groceries or merchandise, transfer money and order food delivery services.

In this post we will use GCash to transfer money going to Shopee Pay.

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Why Use Shopee Pay?

When shopping online via Shopee, it is efficient to use Shopee Pay to pay for the items that you want to buy. Perks like free shipping, cashback vouchers or coins are only available for Shopee Pay transactions so might as well take advantage of that to save even more money. 

How to Top Up Shopee Pay Using GCash

Adding funds or topping up Shopee Pay is quite easy and straightforward. The best part of this is that you will only use the Shopee app. You don’t need to open your GCash account.

Here are the steps on how to top up Shopee Pay using GCash.

  1. Log in to Shopee app
  2. There are two ways to access Shopee Pay
    • In the home page, tap the portion showing your Shopee Pay balance
    • In the home page, tap “Me” at the bottom right to access your account. Scroll down and tap “Shopee Pay
  3. Tap “Top Up
  4. Under “Input Amount“, enter the amount that you want to top up
  5. Tap “Payment“,  tap “Payment Center / e-Wallet
  6. Tap “GCash
  7. Tap “Confirm
  8. Tap “Pay Now
  9. Tap “Pay
  10. Log in with your GCash account. Enter your mobile number and tap “Next
  11. Enter the 6-digit authentication code sent to your mobile number
  12. Log in to GCash with your 4-digit MPIN. Tap “Next
  13. Review the details. Once you’re okay, tap “Pay PHP XX.XX
  14. That’s it you’re done! Your Shopee Pay balance should now be updated.


Using Shopee Pay is necessary if you are shopping in Shopee. Aside from saving money for free shipping, you could also earn discounts on your next purchase. On the other hand, you are also saving yourself from credit card debt since you are obligated to only spend the money that you have, not with your credit card. 

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