Daveril Dabuco

Media Buyer, SEO Expert, Investor, Marketing Agency Owner
Investing, Finance
On-Page SEO
Paid Ads, E-Commerce


  • Expert in personal finance, investing, and digital marketing with a focus on helping millennials and young professionals excel in entrepreneurship and online business management.
  • Holds a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of San Jose-Recoletos, complemented by multiple certifications in Google Ads and digital marketing strategies.
  • Founder of Daveril Digital, a digital marketing agency aimed at achieving significant client success milestones.


Daveril Dabuco is an Investor, Personal Finance Expert, and Digital Marketer dedicated to demystifying complex financial and marketing topics for young entrepreneurs across the globe. With a conversational and user-friendly writing style, Daveril breaks down intricate subjects into understandable segments, often sprinkled with a bit of humor and personal anecdotes to enhance reader engagement.As the founder of Daveril Digital, Daveril not only strategizes on digital marketing but also actively engages in media buying and content creation, ensuring that his clients and readers receive the most effective and actionable information. His work, though primarily not featured in mainstream publications, thrives through his blog and direct contributions to his clients' successes.When he is not strategizing and writing, Daveril indulges in his passions for Chess, Dota 2, and culinary arts. His love for travel and culinary experiments reflects his philosophy of balancing a productive professional life with personal joys and adventures.


Paul received his Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of San Jose-Recoletos in 2010. He has enhanced his media buying expertise with certifications such as the AI-Powered Shopping Ads Certification and Google Ads Search Certification, among others. His continuous learning in digital marketing and personal finance is directed towards providing the best strategies and insights in his field.

Upcoming Projects

Daveril is ambitiously driving towards:
  • Generating $1M in product sales for his clients
  • Achieving a monthly recurring revenue of $10,000 for Daveril Digital
  • Reach 500,000 monthly organic traffic for Juan Investor

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