About Juan Investor

About Juan Investor

Who is Juan Investor?

Juan Investor is a personal finance and investing blog founded by Paul Dabuco. (Oops, let’s shift back to first person perspective ✌️)

Hi there! I’m Paul Dabuco, an engineer by profession but now living my passion in writing and helping clients with Facebook ads. I’m currently the Founder & CEO of Daveril Digital, a digital marketing agency specializing in Facebook Ads for e-commerce and service businesses.

Why I Created Juan Investor

Juan Investor is a passion project where I share my story and lessons in personal finance, investing and self-help that you can learn and reflect on.

More About Me

When I’m not writing articles, I like to blast Nu Metal and tropical house. I also love to watch tech, billiards, chess and Dota 2 videos.

For collaborations or sponsorships send me an email. Or if you just want to say hi, hit me up through my social media accounts below 👋