Udemy Review 2024: A Comprehensive Assessment

E-learning is an interactive way to learn skills or acquire knowledge through the internet via information products like videos or webinar series. This post is all about Udemy review 2024 edition.

The price of the e-learning courses usually ranges from $9-499 (Php 400 – 20,000) which is way cheaper than universities and the best thing is that you can take this course while snorkeling in the Maldives or climbing Machu Picchu.

This post is a comprehensive review of Udemy – one of the top quality websites and my favorite e-learning platforms.

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One way to obtain a course for FREE is through Coursera, TreeHouse, CodeCademy, and other online courses. However, the topics for these websites are very broad and it would take you 3-6 months to finish. My recommendation is to try Udemy!

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Enter Udemy

Udemy is an excellent website for learning great stuff like Basic Accounting, Fashion Design, Android App Development, Stress Management, Photoshop CS6, SEO, Project Management, and even Self-defense. You name it and most certainly they have it.

The best thing that I like about this website is that it’s very cheap and the courses are well-structured. Besides, there are other relevant advantages that set Udemy apart from other sites.

How to pick the best Udemy courses

If you’re struggling how to pick the best course for you, follow this guide.

Tip #1: Read all about the course

Navigate through the course description, instructors (to see if he is competent enough on the subject), the requirements (so that you would know if it requires intermediate knowledge or if it’s newbie-friendly); or if it requires software to install or investment to start.

Tip #2: Take note of the topics and video length

The individual topics and video length are very important to see if the course covers everything that you need to know and if it’s not missing anything. Try to check the preview video(s) if the instructor’s coaching style is clear enough in terms of the following:

a. Amplitude – make sure you understand exactly what the instructor is speaking in his lecture. Some instructors have soft voices that you don’t hear what they are saying. For me, this could be a deciding factor.

b. Quality – select instructors that speak and enunciate the words clearly. Although most instructors have presentations in their lectures, others don’t. It will be hard for you if the voice is not conducive to learning.

c. Ratings – Nothing could go wrong on a course with 5-star ratings. Check out the average rating and if it’s less than 5 stars, search for the least rating and read the comments to have a glimpse of what other students are saying.

Udemy Course Ratings

Tip #3: Get more value out of the price

Some courses are FREE. Yes, you don’t have to pay a dime. Other courses are extremely expensive like ShoeMoney System but other students are not satisfied with it so don’t be deceived. Intuitively we know that the higher the price, the better but it doesn’t apply all the time.

Udemy Free Courses

Udemy Review Total Score (4.5/5 Stars)

I assessed and ranked Udemy based on this 9 criteria, from 1-5 Stars, with 5 as the highest. Here’s my honest rating.

#1 User-friendly (5/5 Stars)

The user interface and web design are really great. I never had a hard time searching for the courses I’ve enrolled in, available courses, instructor’s profile, and payment processing. It’s simply perfect.

#2 Course reviews (4/5 Stars)

Before you enroll in any course, you can browse through the course reviews and see for yourself what others are saying about it. You can rate courses from 1-5 stars and post comments about your experience.

Some instructors though will ask you to give a positive review for an incentive. This is solely to increase their rankings but your review greatly depends on you.

Udemy Course Reviews

#3 30 days Refund Policy (5/5 Stars)

It’s absolutely safe. One time I saw a course on Swift and iOS Development. I checked the instructor, his experience, what could I learn on the course, and the requirements. It’s all fine. So I hit the “Take This Course” button and paid with my PayPal account.

I went through the course but on the 4th video, there was something that I needed to install for me to run xCode (MacOS program) because I’m a Windows user. Unfortunately, my computer wouldn’t allow me to install the program.

In the “About” section of the course, the instructor stated that if someone couldn’t install the program, he can opt-out and ask for a refund. I emailed the instructor about my case and asked to cancel the course. Automatically, he sent me a refund. No fuss. It’s that easy. As long as you cancel within 30 days, you’re good to go.

#4 Niche courses (4/5 Stars)

There are numerous courses out there and you can enroll easily what you can imagine. You simply have to choose the best ones based on ratings, reviews, and prices. Read about the course entirely and see if it matches what you need.

Udemy Niche Courses

#5 Payment Options (4.5/5 Stars)

When I enrolled in my first course, it took me just a blink of an eye to process my payment. Yes, it’s fast and easy. You have two options to pay: PayPal or credit card.

I prefer to use PayPal because it’s fast and safe. You simply have to type your email and it’s done. I suggest you sign up for PayPal here.

Credit cards are another option but it’s not safe all the time because you are exposing your credit card number every time you make a transaction. Thus, the recipient can see your credit card number and we might not know if it will be in good hands or not.

#6 Full autonomy (5/5 Stars)

One thing special about Udemy is that no one is putting pressure on you to learn. Learning should be fun. You decide when to start and when to proceed. You control the pace. If you want to take it slowly in detail, it’s up to you. Or if you want to skip the minutiae you can do so and go to the next chapters.

#7 Mobility: Udemy App (5/5 Stars)

Udemy has its own Android and iOS apps. What’s better is you can even download the videos so that you can view them offline! Download the app here ==> Android | iOS

Here’s how to download videos:

  1.  Select the course that you want
  2. Click the download button (you need to hit the download button every chapter)
  3. Wait until it’s done and voila, you can now view videos even without an internet connection!

#8 Completion certificate (4/5 Stars)

Some courses offer a certificate of completion. This is great for courses like Social Media Marketing, Project Management, or Talent Management because you can use this as a reference for relevant purposes.

Udemy Completion Certificate

#9 Discounts (4.5/5 Stars)

This is what I love most! Some premium Udemy courses are expensive that you can’t chase the price. What I usually do is add these courses to my “Wishlist” and wait until they offer discounts.

This is how I acquired my course on CPA Secrets for just $10! The original price is $97 but when Udemy offered a 90% discount, I had no doubt but to buy. This happens frequently as they are continuously promoting courses.

Sign up and get started to learn for free!


Udemy is a goldmine if you want to learn new skills. The site is user-friendly, courses are cheap and you can even enroll in FREE courses. Just make sure to check the ratings, reviews, and topic discussions before you enroll. Overall, the courses are worth investing in. I highly recommend this site!

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3 thoughts on “Udemy Review 2024: A Comprehensive Assessment”

  1. Hi, great article btw! Just a question though, would you know if I can include any completed courses on my resume? I mean I would really like to bring more to the table and improve my craft, especially coming from a sub-par university the competition is really hard. Thank you and more power to you!

  2. Hi Kyle, sure you could! But first two things: 1st, if you talk about skills like photoshop, html, php etc, it is not a big issue. 2nd, if it is a certification, just make sure that the qualifying body (in this case, instructor) is recognized and legitimate for such certification. See course reviews also.

    For the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification for example, in the udemy course the instructor is a recognized body in 6 sigma certification thus it is legit. Check it here http://bit.ly/6-sigma-udemy and here http://bit.ly/greycampus

    Also, for SAP Programming course check this out http://bit.ly/sap-programming
    You can see that based on the profile of the instructor he is qualified to do so and the course reviews are excellent.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!


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