6 Best Air Fryers in the Philippines 2024

Are you ready to bring some serious sizzle into your kitchen? In this deliciously delightful article, we present the best air fryers in the Philippines that will have your taste buds in a frenzy! If you’re looking for the best air fryer in the Philippines, this article is for you.

We’ve scoured the culinary landscape and selected the crème de la crème of air fryers that will revolutionize your cooking. Say goodbye to greasy, unhealthy indulgences and make room for guilt-free, lip-smacking deliciousness!

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The Best Air Fryers in the Philippines

We’ve scoured the internet to find the best air fryers in the Philippines. Here’s the list and where to buy them at the lowest cost.

Philips 6.2L Digital Air Fryer MP-HD9270/91

1. Philips 6.2L Digital Air Fryer MP-HD9270/91

Average Price: ₱6,999

Philips is a Dutch multinational conglomerate corporation founded in Eindhoven in 1891. The company has a proud heritage of ground-breaking innovation that stretches back almost 130 years.

Features and Specs

  • 6.2-Liter cooking capacity
  • Automatic shut-off, cool wall exterior
  • Uses Rapid Air Technology to fry food with 90% less fat
  • Has a detachable non-stick frying basket
  • NutriU app inspires and guides you to eat healthy
  • Heavy-duty digital fryer with an LCD touchscreen
  • 7 presets for frying, baking, grilling, roasting, and reheating.
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Comes with a 2-year local supplier warranty
  • Item Dimensions: 403 (L) x 315 (W) x 307 (H) mm
  • Unit Weight: 5.55 Kg
  • Power Rating: 2000 WATTS
Kyowa Air Fryer KW-3834

2. Kyowa 7L Digital Air Fryer KW-3834

Average Price: ₱3,500

Kyowa is a Japanese brand that produces a wide range of products, including home and kitchen appliances, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology. Kyowa air fryers are versatile kitchen appliances that offer a healthier way to cook your favorite foods.

Features and Specs

  • 7-Liter Non-stick Basket Capacity
  • Digital LED Display
  • 10 preset cooking modes for frying, baking, toasting, grilling, roasting, and reheating
  • Automatic Time and Temperature Setting (Up to 200°C)
  • 360° Hot Air Circulation Cooking
  • Comes with a 1-year local manufacturer warranty
  • Mess Free Residue Collector
  • Item Dimensions: 38.2 (L) x 32.5 (W) x 35.0 (H) cm
  • Unit Weight: 6.32 Kg
  • Power Rating: 1700 WATTS
  • Voltage Rating: 230V a.c. 60 Hz
Gaabor Digital Air Fryer GA-E85AS

3. Gaabor 8.5L Digital Air Fryer GA-E85AS

Average Price: ₱3,939

Gaabor is a home appliance brand that was founded by a Chinese entrepreneur. The brand’s core technical concept is based on innovative German technology.

Features and Specs

  • 8.5-Liter cooking capacity
  • Transparent viewing window
  • 9 preset menus
  • Large intelligent touch screen on top
  • Automatic power-off memory
  • Food-grade nonstick frying basket
  • Comes with a 6-month warranty
  • Item Dimensions: 355 (L) x 283 (W) x 305 (H) mm
  • Unit Weight: 4.6 Kg
  • Power Rating: 1300 WATTS
  • Voltage Rating: 220V
Hanabishi Air Fryer HAFRYER-70SSDIG

4. Hanabishi 7L Digital Air Fryer HAFRYER-70SSDIG

Average Price: ₱4,343

Hanabishi is a Philippine-based brand that produces a range of home appliances, including air fryers. It’s a leading home appliances brand in the Philippines that has existed for over 30 years. The brand is committed to providing affordable and high-quality home appliances to its customers.

Features and Specs

  • 7-Liter cooking capacity
  • Detachable Non-stick Frying Basket with Rapid Hot Air Technology
  • 1-60 min. adjustable cooking time, with bell ring
  • 50-200°C adjustable cooking temperature
  • Digital LCD display
  • 10-press program for frying, baking, grilling, and roasting
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Item Dimensions: 390 (L) x 286 (W) x 329 (H) mm
  • Unit Weight: 8 Kg
  • Power Rating: 1700 WATTS
  • Voltage Rating: 220V
Kaisa Villa Air Fryer JD-8135

5. Kaisa Villa 7L Air Fryer JD-8135

Average Price: ₱2,359

Kaisa Villa is a brand that produces air fryers. The brand is known for producing affordable and multifunctional air fryers that are easy to use and clean. These air fryers are designed to provide users with a healthier way to enjoy fried foods, as they require little to no oil.

Features and Specs

  • 7-Liter cooking capacity
  • Safety function: overheat protection
  • Automatic power off for basket draw
  • 0-200°C adjustable cooking temperature
  • 30 min timing
  • Non-stick coating, food-grade material
  • Dual-knob control for temperature and time
  • three-dimensional hot air circulation
  • 360-degree circulating heating
  • Comes with a 3-month warranty
  • Item Dimensions: 25 (L) x 25 (W) x 30 (H) cm
  • Unit Weight: 3.5 Kg
  • Power Rating: 1350 WATTS
  • Voltage Rating: 220V a.c. 50 Hz
Xiaomi Mijia Smart Air Fryer

6. Xiaomi 3.5L Smart Air Fryer

Average Price: ₱2,900

Xiaomi is a Chinese electronics company best known for its smartphones and fitness bands. However, the company also produces a range of smart home products, including sensors, cameras, bulbs, routers, and air fryers.

Features and Specs

  • 360-degree air circulation
  • OLED touchscreen display for easy monitoring, timing and temperature control
  • Small, compact, and easy to store
  • Can also be used as a yogurt maker and a fruit dryer
  • Frying/Thawing/Baking/Fermentation
  • Pull out the basket to power off
  • Dishwasher-safe components
  • 40-200°C adjustable cooking temperature
  • Supports up to 24-hour scheduled cooking via smart scheduling
  • 100+ easy-to-cook recipes on Mi Home App
  • Smart control: works with Google Assistant and Mi Home App
  • Equipped with exclusive grill: double cooking space
  • Double-layer non-stick coating
  • Item Dimensions: 335 (L) x 252 (W) x 304 (H) mm
  • Unit Weight: 3.9 Kg
  • Power Rating: 1500 WATTS
  • Voltage Rating: 220-240V a.c. 50-60 Hz

6 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Air Fryer

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Air Fryer

Choosing the best air fryer can be overwhelming. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best air fryer for your needs:

  1. Capacity: If you have a large family, you may need a larger capacity air fryer.
  2. Features: Some air fryers have multiple cooking functions, such as baking and grilling, while others have preset cooking programs.
  3. Price: Remember that more expensive air fryers may have more features and better quality.
  4. Brand and model: Look for reputable brands that offer good quality and performance. Check reviews and ratings from other users to understand the air fryer’s performance.
  5. Ease of use and cleaning: Some air fryers have removable parts that can be washed in the dishwasher, while others require manual cleaning.
  6. Warranty: Look for air fryers with a warranty of at least one year.

The Philippines market offers a wide range of air fryer brands to choose from. Some of the popular brands include:

  1. Philips
  2. Kyowa
  3. Gaabor
  4. Hanabishi
  5. Kaisa Villa


  • What is the best air fryer to buy in the Philippines in 2024?

    Some popular options are the Philips Air Fryer, Kyowa Air Fryer, and Kaisa Villa Air Fryer.

  • Where can I buy air fryers online?

    You can buy air fryers online from various e-commerce platforms such as Lazada, Shopee, and Amazon. Additionally, some local appliance stores may also have online platforms for purchasing air fryers.

  • How does an air fryer compare to other cooking appliances?

    Compared to other cooking appliances, air fryers use less oil and require less preheating time. They also distribute heat more evenly, resulting in evenly cooked food. Additionally, air fryers are versatile and can be used to fry, grill, roast, and bake various types of food.

  • Why have air fryers become popular in the Philippines?

    Air fryers have become popular in the Philippines due to their ability to cook fried food with less oil, making it a healthier option. Additionally, the convenience and versatility of air fryers make them an excellent choice for busy individuals who still want to enjoy delicious, crispy dishes.

Final Thoughts

Air fryers are becoming increasingly popular in the Philippines due to their many benefits, including healthier cooking, faster cooking times, versatility, and ease of use and cleaning. With the right air fryer, you can enjoy delicious and healthy meals with less oil and in less time.

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