5 Unusual and Offbeat Activities to do in Boracay

On my 27th birthday, I decided to take a trip to Boracay. Alone. Yes, this is my first solo trip. And with this trip, I’ll share 5 offbeat activities to do in Boracay (it’s not helmet diving).

The first time I went to Boracay was with my good friend on his birthday last Aug 2013. That was awesome! This time is more personal hence I traveled solo.

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A lot of travel guides would tell you to go island hopping, banana boat, helmet diving, and other mainstream stuff in Boracay. I have tried it all already and I don’t wanna do it again. Through observation and feedback from locals, here are my recommendations.

5 Offbeat Activities To Do in Boracay

1. Stay in a hostel

There are countless benefits of staying in a dorm or a hostel. But the top 2 reasons I considered most important are these: (1) cheap accommodation and (2) the best avenue to meet like-minded travelers.


Some people are not comfortable staying in a hostel for safety and convenience purposes. I respect that, especially for women. But if you think about it, you don’t really need a luxurious room since you will be going out most of the time.

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In the room there were 10 of us – 8 are from other countries and 2 of us are Filipinos. I got to know them and learned that they are from Canada, Singapore, China, Sweden, USA, and United Kingdom. Pretty diverse.

I happened to know Daniel, a young consultant from the UK who is also traveling alone. Ever since I knew him we went out together. Had a great time with this fella.


I stayed at MNL Beach Hostel. The rooms and beds are pretty decent. For a very cheap price, it is definitely a steal. Rooms are air-conditioned, the mattress is fairly clean, the staff is very accommodating and there’s even a FREE breakfast. How’s that for a P450 ($9) rate?

They also have fun activities to watch out for. Just ask the staff. Call them directly to save even more. Don’t book using travel apps like Airbnb or Expedia.

2. Go barhopping with Boracay Pubcrawl

Initially, my birthday trip was intended for soul-searching. On first thought I chose Coron. But since I would travel alone, I imagined life would be lonelier since the nightlife is dead in Palawan. I opted for Boracay instead.

Clubs are sprouting like mushrooms in Boracay. Sunset is spelled P-A-R-T-Y. As soon as the sun is down, party-goers start flocking to the shore. Right after our Mongolian buffet dinner, we joined the Boracay Pubcrawl.


For P900 ($18), we were able to meet good friends and 5 clubs including complimentary drinks. A yellow shirt and a rubber bracelet are provided as well to recognize participants during the pub crawl.

One thing worth noting about Boracay Pubcrawl is that it is introvert-friendly. They are aware that most of their guests are solo travelers hence they have games that encourage participants to introduce themselves to other people.

Tip: A friend recommended Backpacker Pubcrawl for a detailed list of pub crawls around the world :)

3. Smoke a hookah

Whether you are a smoker or a non-smoker, this is a one-time experience you should never miss. For P600 ($12), one session normally lasts an hour.

This is the first time I smoked shisha and with no bias, it really felt great. I was surprised that the smoke is sweet and pleasing, not harsh compared to a cigarette.


Daniel and I had a very relaxing night smoking shisha while gulping an ice-cold beer. You can find a lot of hookah bars along the shore.

4. Go cliff diving at Ariel’s Point

As for a meal, there has to be an entree, a main course, and a dessert. For me, a pub crawl is an entree, hookah is the dessert, and cliff jumping is the main course.

Cliff jumping is one of the most unforgettable experiences I’ve done. And when we talk about cliff jumping, only 1 name dominates – Ariel’s Point.

For P2,500 ($50) you can eat, drink and cliff jump all you want! Crazy deal. Oh, and it also includes boat transfers to and fro Boracay. You can book a reservation online. (Let’s share travel pictures! Follow me on Instagram)

5. Have someone build a sandcastle (discontinued)

2022 Update: This is no longer allowed by local authorities

My birthday trip would never be complete without the Boracay sandcastles. I was about to have someone take a picture of me near the sandcastle when I saw a customized message that says, “I love Haifa.”

I asked a boy to create the phrase “My Bday” in front of the sandcastle. It was awesome! With excitement, they immediately snap photos. Happy 27th birthday to me!


What about you, ever done a solo trip? Where did you go and what have you done?

My solo birthday trip is the best ever. I got to do a lot of first times – stayed in a hostel, pub crawl, cliff jump, and smoke a shisha.

I never regret the decision to travel alone. Though there are really times when you need a close friend to talk to or go with you, the emotion just passes by. But if this emotion lingers and bothers you, this is the time you need to meet new people and listen to their stories too. Who knows, you are sharing the same feelings and you can relate to each other.

A solo trip is, however, not meant to be done all the time. It is when you need to reflect, release the tension, restore the muse and do the things you want to do without inhibitions.

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