How to Pay Pag-ibig Using GCash in 2024: 7 Easy Steps

How to Pay Pagibig Using GCash

Hey there, ka-Juan Investor! Wanna know what’s a game-changer that can make your life easier? Learning how to pay Pag-IBIG using GCash – super easy and hassle-free!

Here’s the exciting part – we’ve got GCash, our trusty mobile wallet. Just a few clicks, and voila, your Pag-IBIG housing loan payment is done!

Get ready because, after reading this guide, paying your Pag-IBIG will feel like a walk in your favorite mall – chill, easy, and stress-free! So, stay with us, ka-Juan Investor. Let’s make life easy and techy!

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Step-By-Step Guide on How to Pay Pag-IBIG Using GCash

Follow the steps below so you can pay Pag-ibig using your GCash account.

Step 1: Launch the GCash mobile app

Start by opening your GCash app. If you don’t have a GCash account yet, you can sign up for GCash for FREE.

Make sure you have sufficient balance before proceeding. If insufficient, you can easily cash in to GCash from your bank account or through GCash partner outlets.

Step 2: Choose “Bills”

From the GCash dashboard, tap on “Bills.” This option will direct you to a page of different billers.

Step 3: Choose the “Government” category

Scroll through the categories and select “Government.” This category houses all government-related billers, including PAG-IBIG, SSS, Philhealth, etc.

Step 4: Select PAG-IBIG

Upon clicking “Government,” various institutions will appear. Scroll until you find “Pag-IBIG Fund (MP2 Savings)” or “Pag-IBIG Fund (Housing Loan).” Choose the appropriate program you are contributing to or amortizing.

Step 5: Enter the necessary information

Fill out the required payment details accurately. This includes:

  • PAG-IBIG Member ID
  • MP2 Account number (if paying for MP2 Savings) or the housing loan account number (if paying for a housing loan)
  • the amount you wish to pay
  • email address where you’d like to receive the confirmation

Step 6: Review and Confirm Payment

Before pushing through, review the details thoroughly. Check that all information inputted is accurate to prevent any payment issues.

Enter your MPIN if prompted. Once confirmed, tap “Next” and a verification page containing all the transaction details will appear. If all details are accurate, tap “Confirm.”

Note: The convenience fee for paying your Pag-IBIG MP2 through GCash will depend on the amount of your payment. Here are the convenience fees:

  • PHP 15 – For payments up to PHP 2,000
  • PHP 25 – For payments between PHP 2,001 and PHP 5,000
  • PHP 50 – For payments between PHP 5,001 and PHP 10,000
  • PHP 100 – For payments between PHP 10,001 and PHP 30,000

Step 7: Payment Success!

After confirming, you should receive a pop-up message indicating a successful transaction. Keep a screenshot of this for your records, and an email will also be sent as an official transaction receipt.


  • Is paying PAG-IBIG via GCash instant and real-time?

    Yes. Pag-ibig loan payments made through GCash reflect as soon as the transaction goes through successfully.

  • Can I pay more than the set monthly contribution of Pag-ibig through GCash?

    Yes. PAG-IBIG allows voluntary contributions above the minimum required amount. You can specify this in the “Amount” field when paying.

  • What will I do if I entered the wrong details?

    Unfortunately, all payments made are final and cannot be undone. If erroneous details were inputted, it’s advisable to contact both GCash and PAG-IBIG immediately to find a potential resolution.

  • What should I do if the transaction fails?

    In case a transaction fails, confirm first that you have enough balance. If you do, but the transaction still fails, it’s best to contact GCash’s customer service for assistance.

Final Thoughts

The world has indeed gone digital, and with this online payment solution, we can take advantage of its convenience, assuring that we never miss paying our dues! No need to worry about long queues or unavailable payment centers, because with your phone in hand, meeting financial obligations is now at your fingertips!

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