12 Best Docs To PDF Converter 2023

Are you looking for the best online docs to pdf converters to convert your documents into PDFs? Look no further! With these free pdf converters, converting documents into the popular PDF format could not be easier.

What are the Best Docs to PDF Converters?



UPDF is an all-in-one PDF solution that enables users to secure, process, and manage their documents from any device. UPDF offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to help organizations streamline their document management process without limiting the user experience. With its secure cloud platform, users can easily create, share, store, and collaborate on documents with ease.

Main Features

  • Cross Platform: edit, annotate, convert, and organize PDF files with OCR across Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS
  • Lossless Conversion: Convert any PDF to Word, Excel, Powerpoint, image, HTML, text, CSV, XML, etc. without losing formats
  • Eyes-friendly PDF Reader and Annotator: intuitive navigation and user-friendly interface to add highlights, text boxes, shapes, and other elements to your PDF files
  • Build-in PDF Image Editor: click an image to edit, resize, reposition, replace, copy, delete or crop
  • Cloud Storage: Securely store documents in the cloud for easy access anytime, anywhere
  • Document Conversion: Convert files into various formats such as .pdf or .jpg
  • Collaboration Tools: Easily collaborate on documents with colleagues in real-time
  • Security & Compliance: Ensure compliance with industry standards while protecting your data

Pros and Cons


UPDF Pricing

UPDF provides multiple plans depending on your usage needs. But I highly suggest that you get their lifetime deal so you don’t have to pay for a subscription.

  • Annual Plan ($39.99/yr): use across macOS, Windows, Android, or iOS, all annotation tools, edit PDF text, images, and links, OCR text recognition, free updates, and upgrades
  • Perpetual Plan ($59.99 one-time fee): all in the annual plan for a one-time fee
  • Lifetime Deal ($49 one-time fee): all in the annual plan for a one-time fee 16% OFF from Perpetual Plan. Get this offer hereUPDF Exclusive Deal


UPDF is a great choice for businesses that need an efficient way to securely manage their digital assets across multiple devices. Its easy-to-use interface makes it ideal for teams that require quick collaboration capabilities at an incredibly reasonable price point.

PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro is a powerful document viewing tool that allows users to view, annotate, and share their PDF files in an easy-to-use interface. It boasts itself as the best PDF software to read, edit, annotate, convert, and sign PDFs. It offers support for the most popular file formats including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and more.

Main Features

  • View multiple documents at once with tabbed browsing
  • Annotate text and highlight important passages within any document
  • Create custom stamps to easily add annotations to your documents
  • Share files across devices with ease thanks to cloud storage integration
  • Auto-detect text language for seamless reading experiences

Pros & Cons


PDF Reader Pro Pricing

PDF Reader Pro is free to download but requires a subscription plan for full access:

  • Free Plan ($0.00): PDF to Office docs for the first 10 pages only
  • Permanent Plan ($79.99 one-time fee): PDF to Office Docs unlimited pages, edit PDFs, batch encrypt PDFs, create, edit, and fill PDF forms, customize PDF stamps, and many more
  • Exclusive Lifetime Deal ($59.99 one-time fee): all in the permanent plan for a cheaper one-time fee. Get this offer herePDF Reader Pro Exclusive Deal


PDF Reader Pro is ideal for individuals who frequently work with different types of documents such as word processing databases or spreadsheets on their computer or mobile device but want an easier way to manage them without having to switch between applications every time they need something else opened up quickly – perfect if you’re constantly on the go!

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Microsoft Word – Word to PDF Converter

MS Word

Word to PDF converter by Microsoft Word allows users to convert documents from one format into a PDF file. It can be used for many purposes, such as creating an e-book or digital filing of important documents.

Main Features

  • Easy and fast conversion process
  • Ability to customize the converted document with various settings including page layout, margins, orientation and more
  • Option to password protect the outputted files for security reasons
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems

Pros & Cons


MS 365 Pricing

Microsoft 365 offers a Free 1-month trial and it comes in two different pricing plans: Home and Business. Home Plans have 2 options while Business Plans have 4 options.


  • Personal ($69.99/year or $6.99/month) – use up to 5 devices simultaneously for 1 person only. Access to Microsoft software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. with 1 TB cloud storage
  • Family ($99.99/year or $9.99/month) – use up to 5 devices simultaneously for 1 to 6 users. Access to Microsoft software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc. with up to 6 TB cloud storage


  • Basic ($6/user/month) – web and mobile versions of MS 365 apps, 1 TB cloud storage per user, meet-up up to 300 attendees
  • Standard ($12.5/user/month) – all in Basic + desktop versions of MS 365 apps with premium features, access to MS Access and Publisher
  • Premium ($22/user/month) – all in Business + advanced security, cyber threat protection, access & data control
  • Apps for Business ($8.25/user/month) – desktop versions of MS 365 apps with premium features, 1 TB cloud storage per user


Microsoft Word is ideal if you want an easy way to convert your documents from DOC or Docx formats into secure PDFs that are compatible across all devices and platforms without having any extensive technical knowledge about computers or coding languages.

This product is best suited for individual users who need something basic yet effective in terms of functionality – especially those who don’t have access to expensive professional tools like Adobe Acrobat Pro DC or Foxit PhantomPDF Standard edition which can cost upwards of $100 per month depending upon the features included in them.

Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat Pro is a powerful piece of software for creating and editing PDF documents. It has been the standard in document creation since its introduction over 20 years ago.

Main Features

  • Create, edit, and sign PDFs
  • Annotate PDFs with comments, highlighters, and text tools
  • Export to Microsoft Office formats including Word and PowerPoint
  • Convert scanned paper forms into fillable electronic forms
  • Combine multiple file types into one single PDF document

Pros & Cons


Adobe Acrobat Pricing

Adobe Acrobat Pro offers a 7-day Free trial and is available in an annual subscription plan. Subscription plans start at $19.99/month for a single-user license. Or you can also avail of the cheaper option Adobe Acrobat Standard for only $12.99/month with fewer advanced features.


Adobe Acrobat Pro is best suited for power users looking to create complex documents using all of its robust set of tools; however, its steep price tag may deter some from opting in.

Nitro Pro PDF to Word Converter

Nitro PDF

Nitro Pro is a powerful software solution that allows you to quickly and easily convert your existing PDFs into editable Microsoft Word documents. It includes advanced editing tools and an intuitive user interface, making it easy for anyone to use.

Main Features

  • Convert multiple files at once with batch conversion
  • Automatically detect tables or columns of text in the original PDF for accurate output in Word
  • Preserve formatting from the original document like fonts, colors, layouts, images etc.
  • Remove password protection from secured PDFs before conversion

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Pros & Cons


Nitro PDF Pricing

Nitro PDF Pro offers a generous 14-day trial with several different pricing plans:

  • PDF Plans ($143.99/user one-time payment): create, convert, edit, and merge PDFs with extra features like OCR
  • eSign Plans ($9.99/user/month): electronic signature software for single users and multi-account enterprises
  • Platform Plans ($9.99/user/month): get both of PDF and eSign solutions. Applicable only to over 20 users


Nitro Pro’s PDF to Word Converter is an excellent choice for those looking to quickly convert their existing documents into editable Microsoft Word files without any hassle or loss of data quality. The intuitive user interface makes it easy even for beginners while its advanced features make it ideal for professional users who need more control over their conversions. The pricing can be quite high so this product might not be suitable for everyone’s budget but overall it is definitely worth considering if you need a reliable and fast converter tool!

Online OCR – Free Online OCR

Online OCR

Online OCR is a web-based tool that allows users to extract text from scanned documents and images. It supports multiple formats and provides an accurate conversion of text, making it a great choice for anyone looking to convert files quickly and accurately.

Main Features

  • Supports over 100 languages
  • Automatically detects file type
  • Allows batch processing up to 15MB in size
  • Recognizes handwriting, passwords & forms

Pros & Cons


Online OCR Pricing

The service is completely free but offers paid options for enterprise-level applications.

  • Prepaid Packages – convert pages for an unlimited time
    • $7.95 – 100 pages
    • $12.95 – 200 pages
    • $17.95 – 300 pages
    • $24.95 – 500 pages
    • $39.95 – 1,000 pages
    • and so on
  • Monthly Subscription – convert a number of pages per day for one month
    • $29.95/month – 100 pages/day
    • $49.95/month – 200 pages/day
    • $59.95/month – 300 pages/day
    • $79.95/month – 500 pages/day
    • $109.95/month – 1,000 pages/day
    • $299.95/month – 5,000 pages/day


Free Online OCR is ideal for individuals who need quick access to digital documents without the hassle of downloading additional software. Its simple yet powerful features make it worth considering if you’re looking for accurate conversions at no cost.

ABBYY FineReader PDF – OCR Software

ABBYY Finereader PDF

ABBYY FineReader is an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software that converts PDFs, scans, and images into editable formats such as Word or Excel. It also helps to recognize text from pictures, making documents more accessible for users.

Main Features

  • Automatically detects the language of the document being scanned
  • Able to recognize 190 languages with 99% accuracy
  • Intelligent Document Recognition technology enables users to correct errors easily in multiple files at once
  • Text can be converted into various output formats including MS Office, HTML, RTF and other image formats like JPG or PNG

Pros and Cons


ABBYY Finereader PDF Pricing

Abbyy offers a 7-day trial. The pricing options vary depending on the operating system you’re using. There are three plans available:

  • FineReader PDF Standard for Windows ($69.30/yr): PDF app powered by AI-based OCR for digital and scanned documents
  • FineReader PDF Corporate for Windows ($115.50/yr): productivity toolset for PDFs and document digitization. Document comparison and automated conversion up to 5,000 pages/month
  • FineReader PDF for Mac ($48/yr): high-quality, modern OCR app for macOS to convert PDFs, paper documents, and its images into searchable and editable documents


ABBYY FineReader is an advanced OCR solution perfect for businesses who need accurate text recognition capabilities. It has great features but comes with a hefty price tag so it may not be suitable for some individual users who don’t require all its features.

Google Drive – Image to Text Converter

Google Drive Image to Text

Google Drive‘s Image to Text Converter is a feature that allows users to convert images into text. Simply prepare the PDF or photo file, right-click on it, and open it with Google Docs. This can be used for easier organization of PDF documents, or even just converting pictures into editable text.

Main Features

  • Automatically converts image files (JPEG, PNG and TIFF) into text in multiple languages
  • Allows users to crop their images before conversion for more precise results
  • Can detect handwriting in an image and convert it accurately
  • Supports over 100 languages

Pros & Cons


Image To Text Converter is 100% free when using the Google Drive platform.


Image To Text Converter is great for anyone who needs quick access to digitalize handwritten notes or other images they have captured. Its accuracy makes it worth trying out by all users if they need help organizing large amounts of data easily in a short amount of time.

Readiris PDF and OCR Software

Readiris PDF

Readiris PDF is a powerful document conversion tool designed to quickly turn paper documents into digital files. It offers a range of features that make it easy for users to accurately scan, edit, organize, and share their documents with others.

Main Features

  • High-quality scanning technology for accurate results
  • Ability to recognize over 130 languages including Chinese & Japanese characters
  • Automatically organizes scans into separate folders based on page layout or content type
  • Easy editing tools such as text recognition, image correction, and PDF creation/editing capabilities
  • Support for multiple file formats including Word, Excel, PDF, and many more

Pros & Cons


Readiris PDF Pricing

Readiris PDF offers a free 1-month trial. Subscription plans and lifetime deals are available in four pricing tiers:

  • Readiris PDF Standard ($79 lifetime): convert, edit, annotate, merge, scan & OCR PDFs
  • Readiris PDF Family 365 ($89/5 licenses/yr): convert, edit, annotate, merge, scan & OCR PDFs
  • Readiris PDF Enterprise 365 ($139/5 licenses/yr): convert, edit, annotate, merge, scan & OCR PDFs
  • Readiris PDF Business ($99 lifetime): convert, edit, annotate, merge, scan & OCR, sign, and protect PDFs


Readiris PDF is ideal for individuals who need an efficient way to convert paper documents into digital files quickly and accurately. With its fast scanning speeds, reliable accuracy levels, intuitive user interface, and support for multiple file formats, it’s worth considering if you need quick document conversions without any additional hassle.

Docs.zone – Batch DOC/DOCX to PDF Converter

Docs Zone PDF Converter

Docs.Zone is a comprehensive online batch DOC/DOCX to PDF converter that allows users to quickly and conveniently convert Word documents into PDF format with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Main Features

  • Drag & Drop functionality – allowing you to select multiple files at once for conversion
  • Automatically detect document language and apply OCR processing as needed
  • Preserve original text, design, images and layout when converting documents
  • Convert up to 2GB of data in one go

Pros & Cons


Docs.zone is 100% free to use. You only need to signup so you can convert more than 2 pages.


Docs.Zone Batch DOC/DOCX to PDF Converter is an ideal choice for those looking for an easy way to convert their Word documents into PDF format without having to download any third-party software applications or plugins onto their computers or mobile devices. It can provide great value making it worth getting if you need bulk document conversion services regularly.

SmallPDF – Online File Compressor


SmallPDF is an online file compressor that allows users to quickly compress files without needing any extra software or programs. It supports a range of popular formats and can be used for free with some limitations.

Main Features

  • Compress PDF, JPG, PNG, PPT & Word documents
  • Supports many common document and image formats including .docx, .jpg, .png and more.
  • Securely store compressed files in the cloud
  • Easily compress multiple files at once

Pros & Cons


SmallPDF Pricing

The free version allows users to compress up to 20MB per month while the paid plans start from $9/month for unlimited compressing along with additional features such as password protection and custom settings.


Smallpdf.com is ideal for those who need efficient file compression without having too much technical knowledge about it. Its pricing might be on the higher side but its ease of use makes it worth considering if you regularly work with large files that need compressing.

ILovePDF – PDF Merger and Splitter Tool


iLovePDF is a powerful online software tool that allows users to easily merge together multiple PDF documents or split them into separate files quickly and without any hassle.

Main Features

  • Merge multiple PDFs into one document with no page limits
  • Split large PDFs into smaller ones by page range, number of pages and even individual pages
  • Easy drag-and-drop interface for quick file uploading and rearranging of documents
  • Ability to upload from cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive

Pros & Cons


ILovePDF Pricing

The basic version of this tool is available for free with limited functionality. For additional features, there is a Pro version which can be purchased on a monthly ($4/month) or yearly ($48/yr) basis.


iLovePDF’s PDF Merger & Splitter Tool is ideal for those who need an easy way to combine or divide their documents online in a cost-effective manner. It is a great choice if you want to access all the basic functions without having to pay extra money every month.

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Reasons for Converting Docs to PDF

The Portable Document Format (PDF) is a versatile document format used for sharing and storing digital documents. But why else should you consider converting your documents into PDFs? There are several reasons that make this format a great choice for businesses and individuals alike.

  1. Convenience: once a document has been converted, there’s no need to worry about formatting or compatibility issues. Documents look exactly the same regardless of where they’re viewed from – whether on a Mac or PC, iPhone or Android device.
  2. Reliability: Unlike other document formats such as Microsoft Word, which may suffer from glitches during conversion if not formatted correctly, PDF documents remain reliable even when shared across different platforms.
  3. Security: As mentioned earlier, PDF files can be secured with passwords and encryption protocols to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive data contained within them.

How To Convert Docs To PDF

Converting documents into PDF files couldn’t be easier! Whether you use Windows or Mac OS X operating systems, there are numerous methods available – depending on what type of program you prefer working with.

For example: “Save As” Method: Using Microsoft Office programs such as Word and Excel – simply go to File > Save As… then select “PDF (*pdf)” from the dropdown menu before clicking “Save”.

Alternatively, you could use third-party software applications such as Adobe Acrobat Pro or Nitro PDF which provides far more control over how your final document will appear after conversion – including options for adding watermarks & signatures.

Benefits of Using a Docs to PDF Converter

Converting documents to the Portable Document Format (PDF) has become increasingly popular in recent years. This is because there are numerous advantages that come with using this format, from flexibility and portability to security and reliability.

  1. Flexibility – PDFs offer a great deal of flexibility for users who want to store their documents electronically. Unlike other file formats, such as Word or Excel, PDF files can be opened on any computer without having to worry about compatibility issues.
  2. Portability – PDFs have the added benefit of being easily portable across various devices. With just a few clicks you can transfer your document from one device to another without having to worry about any loss in quality or formatting.
  3. Security – Converting documents into PDFs offers an extra layer of security when it comes to protecting sensitive data. Not only do they keep your information safe from unauthorized access but they also prevent accidental modification or corruption due to errors in software programs.

Additional Benefits

In addition to these benefits, there are some additional advantages associated with converting documents into PDFs that make them even more attractive for many users.

For example, these types of files are perfect for archiving purposes since they retain all original formatting regardless of how many times they are opened or edited.

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Another great advantage is that most modern printers will recognize and print out PDF files directly without needing any special settings or software applications installed beforehand. This makes it much easier for people who need quick prints from different locations such as libraries or public printing shops.

Finally, if you ever need to convert large amounts of text into different languages then using a program like Adobe Acrobat Pro allows you to create multi-lingual versions quickly and easily with just a few clicks – something which would otherwise require time-consuming manual translation work if done manually by hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Docs to PDF converter?

A Docs to PDF converter is an online tool that allows you to convert your Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents into Portable Document Format (PDF). This makes it easier for you to share your files with others since all they need is the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software in order to view your document.

How do I use a Docs to PDF converter?

Using a Docs to PDF converter is easy! First, upload the file from your computer or select it from cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive. Then choose whether you would like single-page or multi-page output and click “Convert”. Wait for the conversion process, then download your new converted PDF file!

Are there any limits on how many files I can convert at once?

No, most converters allow you to upload multiple files at once without any limits on how many documents can be uploaded simultaneously. However, some may have restrictions so make sure you check before uploading large batches of documents at once.

Can my converted PDFs be edited afterward?

Yes, after converting your document into a pdf format it can still be edited using certain programs such as Adobe Acrobat Pro DC or Foxit PhantomPDF which both have advanced editing capabilities for text and images within pdf documents.

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Is there anything else I should know about conversions from docs into pdf formats?

It’s important that when converting from DOCX formats into pdf that all font styles are retained and the text stays clear – if these aren’t present in the final version this could mean some information has been lost during conversion so always double-check everything before downloading/sharing with others!

Additionally, make sure images are also clearly visible in their original quality – this ensures everyone gets exactly what was intended when viewing/printing out copies of the final product.

Final Thoughts

Docs to PDF tools are incredibly helpful, especially when dealing with large volumes of documents that need to be converted quickly. They make it easy for users to convert their docs into PDFs in a matter of seconds and without any coding knowledge. Not only do these tools save time, but they also help you maintain the quality and integrity of your original files throughout the process. These online solutions make it effortless to get the job done quickly and easily – giving you more time to focus on other important tasks at hand.

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