Microbusiness: Usefulness Not Innovation


We’ve all heard about business titans – Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Cuban, etc. But what about microbusiness, does it ring a bell? There are a lot of small business ideas to start with but which one?

The most common problem we then face after knowing such is the inability to act. Why? Because we get overwhelmed as to HOW they started and HOW they earn such wealth. Little do we realize that ALL of them started SMALL. Yes, the “snail” way.

With the evolution of E-commerce – Webinar, Dropshipping, and Self-Publishing, people can do business a whole lot more in a different way. Before, we could not trade items without a physical store or shop and the physical handling of money as payment.

Well, today, not anymore. Before, publishing a book is way too HARDER than writing the book itself as you have to persuade publishers and get approved first before your book is printed and distributed. Now, that is just a second option because of Self-Publishing.

What I am trying to say is that the business revolution makes it EASIER for us to start our own businesses. As I read along a book of Chris Guillebeau’s $100 Startup, I found several case studies of accidental and determined entrepreneurs.

The requisites are simple, Chris surveyed a lot of entrepreneurs with little or no capital at all in starting their businesses. Inspiring. And he even stresses microbusiness that it is the usefulness of the product/service that matters, not the innovation itself.

Take this as an example. A woman might have problems in relationship with her husband. And she needs someone who can give her a sound and effective solution/advice.

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While she was on Facebook, she happened to bump into a page where it offers professional marriage counseling. Lightbulb flashed.

She immediately messaged the page owner and agreed to have a schedule with her husband. The price she paid, $500 for 4 sessions a month! Take note that the counseling service is not rocket science and not technically scary. But it’s simple counseling that any psychology major can handle.

It is not something like a discovery of a new gadget, new tool, or a breakthrough in health or medicine. You see, a business is just a matter of solving other people’s problems in a definite and easy way.

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While Steve Jobs invented the first touch-screen phone, this may not be the case to other business owners. There are several business opportunities. There is yet to be found. It’s just a matter of segmentation and differentiation.

Another example: You want to start your own blog for free with no cost at all. You tried to search on this one but you haven’t found anything. Instead, you happened to be in a bogus website but the instructions were vague and NOT newbie-friendly.

You were already exasperated. Desperate. But not until you found a helpful e-book entitled, “15 Minutes No COST Blog Set-up with Google Adsense Approval in 5 Days!”

Wouldn’t you buy this product? Of course, you will! But since you’re one of the cynics who don’t believe easily in anything, you read reviews about this offer.

And boom, 98% positive feedback! Now this is the best example of a microbusiness. The author sells information products with no physical store, no publishing, and no staff at all.

The solution is simple – how to set up a blog for FREE in just 15 minutes of your time, with Adsense approval in 5 days! Spectacular, right? Now this is the best solution that you could have.

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