Bo Sanchez Wealth Summit 2013 Review

Treading heavily, I arrived 30 minutes past 8 in the morning at PICC to have good seats (for my office mate and me) for Bo Sanchez’s Wealth Summit 2013.

It’s my first time attending business conferences like this in the Philippines, hence my excitement was over the roof.

The event was scheduled to start at 9 AM, and I was there catching my breath when suddenly Captain America, Superman, and Superwoman stood there at the entrance smiling and said, “Good morning, Sir!”

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I was shocked! I responded and proceeded to the summit hall, smiling. My excitement rushed when I saw the banners and tarpaulins of the event with Bo Sanchez’s picture on it.

The stage had a wide LED screen that displayed the Superman logo with a text “Wanted: Superheroes of Abundance.” Beside the stage stood there a live band tweaking their instruments to have a good mix, before the event started.

Can’t wait to see these real businessmen, I thought. A flock of more than 500 would-be superheroes marched down at PICC to see REAL entrepreneurs and investors in action for Wealth Summit 2013.

The speakers talked about valuable business lessons and thought-provoking experiences. And I loved it, with all my heart.

The majority of the attendees were all 30+ years old, I observed. Woah, am I the youngest here? I thought. But it didn’t matter anymore.

The fact that we were there gathered around for a purpose – to be the next superheroes of the church, was an awesome feeling that I felt and it made me realize. That no matter how old or young you are, as long as you are helping other people, you’re a superhero!

Bo is a superhero. He preaches financial education to his millions of followers. He helps them achieve their dreams and clears the confusion in their heads when it comes to money and investing.

Bo started the opening of the summit by talking about “How to Become a Superhero of Abundance”. He said that there are two ways to have abundance: produce wealth and reproduce wealth.

The former is about building a business that gives VALUE to customers to support one’s necessities and lifestyle while the latter is about replicating this business to have more and more passive income. Miriam Quiambao followed with a talk about her life: her struggles, downfalls, dilemmas, and her success.

She mentioned how she got into winning the Ms. Universe title, her married life, and how she returned to God which she left away when she already achieved her dreams in an instant. Her speech was entitled, “How I Found My True Wealth.”

Wealth Summit 2013 Day 1 Speakers

Wealth Summit 2013 Invited Speakers

The speeches were followed by the following speakers:

Network Marketing Business: “Help People Help People”
Benjie & Fely Santiago – International Marketing Group (IMG)
Ivy de la Cruz – USANA
Dr. Butch Mercado – Royale Club

Career: “How To Grow A Superhero Career”
Benedict Hernandez – Accenture

Real Estate: “Prospering Through Properties”
Larry Gamboa – CEO, Think Rich Pinoy
Ronald Cagape – Real Estate Investor, Larry’s Partner
Maves Angeles – Real Estate Investor, Larry’s Partner

Career Shift to Entrepreneur: “Your Job Prepares You For Your Business”
Steve Tamayo – Tamayo Catering
Charlie Fernando – CliXLogic

Stock Market: “Stocks Update Live with Edward Lee”
Edward Lee, Founder, and CEO, COL Financial

Stock Market: “How to Create Millions in the Stock Market using Strategic Averaging Method (SAM)”
Mike Vinas, Director, Stocks Update, COL Financial

The first day of Wealth Summit 2013 was really pumped out because of these superheroes. I have gained significant insights and their talks washed away my misconceptions and wrong thoughts about being an entrepreneur. To sum it up, these are the things that I liked on the first day of Wealth Summit 2013.

Wealth Summit 2013 Day 2 Speakers

Saturday, March 02, 2013, was the second day of the Wealth Summit. Here are the topics with corresponding speakers:

Entrepreneurship: “How To Start Your Super Business”
Dean Pax Lapid, AIM Professor, Owner of 8 successful businesses, Best-selling Author

Business Expansion: “How to Grow Your Super Business”
Bo Sanchez, TrulyRichClub, Best-selling Author, Entrepreneur

Franchising: “Franchise Superheroes”
Emily Carpio, Generica
Boy Manguerra, Mang Inasal

Internet Marketing: “Internet Superheroes”
Jomar Hilario,
Paolo Abadesco,
Sha Nacino,
Jan Hilado,
Mega Business: “How to Build a Giant Business”

Edward Lee, COLFinancial
Junie Toreja, Toreja Corp.
Ronnie Siasoyco, Trion
Randy Manaloto, Citydorms Corp.

Multiple Income Streams (MIS): “How to Create MIS”
Rex Mendoza, PhilAm Life

Closing Session: Superheroes’ Prayer
Bo Sanchez

All the speakers instilled my gray matter with chunks of information. But not even information overload. I wrote notes on my manual for every wisdom nugget uttered by the speakers. I just loved the feeling of listening to these people.

Of all the speakers on Day 2, I liked the superheroes on Mega Business. Yes, they are BIG men and major players in the industry. But their modesty, God-centeredness, and philanthropies set them apart from others.

Wealth Summit Venue

5/5 Stars ★★★★★

Bo Sanchez (and the Mastermind Group) didn’t settle for less. PICC is nothing but second to none when it comes to events and special gatherings. The proximity of the place to business districts, accessibility to attendees, and the facility itself make PICC the best place for gatherings and seminars.

Wealth Summit Fee

5/5 Stars ★★★★★

The Summit Fee was all worth it. I did not regret anything. I liked the venue & the facility, the competence of speakers, and the service (registration, food, Summit Kit, etc.).

Bo Sanchez and Top Calibre Speakers

5/5 Stars ★★★★★

Most of the Wealth Summit 2013 speakers are the REAL authority in their field though there are some newbies invited to the Q&A portion. As cynical as I am (before), I tend not to believe individuals giving a speech when they are just a newbie and pretending to be a guru not even showing their credentials on such claims.

Schedule Adherence

4/5 Stars ★★★★☆

The schedule wasn’t followed precisely. But I liked that it wasn’t. Otherwise, I would be left unsatisfied! On average, each speaker was given 15 minutes to talk. Quite short.

It could have been better to reduce the number of speakers and have it 60 minutes for each speaker to cover the details: start-up, technical aspects, ways of earning, plans, etc.


5/5 Stars ★★★★★

In the registration, I liked the way they handled it. The e-tickets brought by attendees were easily read through a bar code, not the conventional manual handwriting of names on the registration sheet.

As a result, registration was faster and smoother. The staff also had good service. They were all scattered around the venue. They were ready to help and always guided everyone.

The food served in the snacks and lunches was all very good: freshly made and tasted good! Washrooms were also near the hall. So anyone has easy access at any time.

Spiritual Intervention

5/5 Stars ★★★★★

Just before the summit began, Mike Vinas popped out on the stage as the host and started the show with a series of praise songs and prayers. I really liked the idea of having the Lord in the event, that He is involved and not just people talking to people.

The speakers as well were not just financially rich, but also SPIRITUALLY RICH! They all have the common denominator: placing GOD at the center of their businesses. Likewise, we ended the day with praise songs and prayers. As a result, I felt so blessed and happy though I was not close to God. Now I’m learning to love Him.


5/5 Stars ★★★★★

Remember the superheroes who stood at the entrance and guided participants? Yeah, it was amazing. I liked it. The raffle prizes were astonishing!

I liked the prizes, but I didn’t win though. The live band rocks! The mixing was perfect such that each instrument produced a balanced sound. No instrument was playing louder than the rest.


Wealth Summit 2013 was indeed a successful event, and I strongly recommend this to all Filipinos. While I was in the course of listening to their speeches, a flash in my mind came.

It is good to see these people again at the next Wealth Summit. To double this number next year would be better too. The best is the majority of Filipinos are financially educated and no one is complaining about their finances anymore.

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  1. Thanks for this article. At least I have a glimpse of what really happened coz I was not able to attend. I hope to do it next time. You are blessed. I'm sure all those who participated were blessed too.

  2. If all Filipinos were open to learning and acting like you soon all of us we'll be God's hands Superheroes of Abundance.


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