Once in a while you’ll receive items from Shopee sellers that you’re not happy about. It could be a wrong product, color or specification. But don’t fret out. In this post we’ll outline 10 simple steps to return item in Shopee.

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I myself received faulty items and the return/refund process is simple. As long as you meet the conditions, it should be easy.

3 Important Considerations

For a smoother return/refund process, please take note of these important conditions.

1st Condition: You can only request for item refund/return if you haven’t tapped the “Order Received” button

Important: You should check the delivered items first and ensure it’s in good condition before you confirm the Order Received button.

If it’s NOT exactly the same item as described in the product page, you have the right to ask for a refund/return.

If you have accidentally tapped the Order Received button but wants to request a return or refund, you have to contact the seller immediately.

2nd Condition: You must request a refund within the defined time frame in Shopee Guarantee

Here’s the allowed time frame in Shopee Guarantee to submit a refund/return request.

  1. Shopee Mall Product – 7 days (from the date order is delivered)
  2. Local Marketplace Product – 5 days (from the date order is delivered)
  3. Overseas Product – 5 days (from the date order is delivered)

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3rd Condition: You have 3 return options

Depending on the seller, you can either arrange a pick-up, drop-off or self-arrange of the item.

Check out this complete list of conditions for refund/return request.

7 Steps: How to Return Item in Shopee

Step 1: Tap “Me” then under My Purchases, tap “To Receive”

Step 2: Select the order that you want to request a refund. Tap the product name

Note: Never tap the Order Received button unless you have received the order in good condition.

Step 3: Tap “Return/Refund”


Step 4: Select the product(s) for return/refund and fill in the required details. Tap “Submit”.

Note: Make sure to provide clear photos and evidence that could help in the investigation.

  1. Reason: Select the appropriate Refund/Return reason
  2. Add Photos: Take a clear photo that clearly shows the damage, wrong specs or fault of the product.
  3. Description: Briefly explain what is wrong with the product


Step 5: Select the proposed solution

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For Local and Overseas Products

Select the proposed solution. It’s either Refund Only or Return & Refund.


Go for Refund to avoid the hassle of returning the items. If you choose Return & Refund, you’ll be sending the item back either thru pick-up, drop-off or a courier at your own expense.

For Shopee Mall Products

Select the proposed solution and choose a Shipping Option.


Again, I’d suggest you go for Refund only to avoid the hassle of returning the items. But it’s up to seller’s approval.

Step 6: Enter your primary email and tap “Submit”


Step 7: Wait for seller’s response

For Local and Overseas Products

The seller has 2 days to respond to your refund/return request. If he’s unable to respond within the allotted time, the request will be auto-approved.

You’ll receive a notification and an email on the acceptance or rejection of your request.

For Shopee Mall Products

You’ll receive a notification and an email on return instructions.

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Discuss with the Seller Your Refund/Return Request

Once the seller agrees to your request, refund will processed immediately. If the seller makes a counter-offer, you have 2 days to respond back.

You have 3 response options:
1. Accept
2. Counter
3. Dispute to Shopee

If the seller fails to respond within 2 days, your refund request will be automatically accepted.

Note: I had one experience when an overseas seller didn’t accept my refund request. Instead, he instructed me to buy a specific item for 1 peso and he’ll send the replacement item thru that order. I agreed.

Product Return Options

If the seller suggests to return the item, there are 3 options to choose from.

Note: To prevent cancellation of your request, make sure to ship the items back within 5 days. Also, keep the original packaging and receipts.

Option 1: Pick-up

This option only appears on Shopee Mall orders, selected Sellers and serviceable areas. This may not be available for some products.

Steps to Request Pick-up via Gogo Xpress

  1. In the Return/Refund page, verify your pick-up address. Tap “Submit”
  2. Tap “View Instructions” to see the GoGo Xpress Pick-up Return Label
  3. Pack and use the original packaging of the item. Wait for the rider to pick-up the item and present the tracking number.

Note: Take a photo with the rider holding the item as a proof of pick-up.

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Option 2: Drop-off

This is the second best option as you’ll not be spending any dime for courier.

Steps to Drop-off Item via J&T Express

For Shopee Mall orders

During Refund/Return Request, tap “Shipping Option”, then “Drop-off” and tap “Confirm”

For Local & Overseas orders

Wait for Shopee to notify you via email and once accepted, tap “Shipping Option”, then “Drop-off” and tap “Confirm”

  1. Tap “View Instructions” to see J&T Express Drop-off Return Label. You can send this thru your email as well. Note: Drop-off your item within 5 days after Shopee or seller accepts your request. Failure to do so may cancel your request and the amount will escrowed to the seller.
  2. Pack your parcel and go to the nearest J&T Express branch. Note: Before you proceed to the branch, please contact J&T Express to confirm if this branch accepts Shopee returns.
  3. At the branch, present the item and the digital copy of J&T Express Return Label to the counter. The staff checks the item and prints the return label.
  4. You’re done! You can track the parcel return in the Shopee app. It will take 11 days at most for Shopee to confirm the parcel and process your refund.

Option 3: Self-arrange

This is the last and less preferred option. You will arrange the return of the item with your preferred courier at your own expense.

But don’t worry, once the return process is completed the return shipping fee will be refunded to you within 5-7 days.

Important Notes

  • Make sure to ship the item within 5 days
  • Make sure you download and attach the return label sent to you via email
  • Upload the proof of shipment:
    1. Include a photo of the Request ID at the top of the Airway bill (refer to A)
    2. Photo of the package with the return label, proof of shipment, and write the Request ID on the box using a marker (refer to B)
    3. Failure to include your Request ID may result to lost parcels. Don’t miss this crucial part
    4. Request ID can be found on the Refund/Return details page.

Once the item is successfully returned, the seller has 3 days to respond to your refund/return request.

Claim Your Refund

Once the request is approved by the seller, you’ll receive a notification about the approval. Refund payment instructions will be sent via app notification or email.

If your request is rejected, you can discuss with the seller and negotiate the suitable refund amount or return option. Here’s how you can discuss with the seller for the refund.

For Shopee Mall (Return/Refund), once Shopee has received and validated the returned item, your refund will be automatically refunded to you.

For Shopee Mall (Refund Only), if you did not receive your order, your request will be automatically refunded.


I’ve done refund requests for a couple of times already. Shopee has either refunded or replaced the products. I’m very satisfied on how they handled my concerns and I hope you’ll have a great time online shopping too.

If you have any concerns you can ask me in the comments below or contact Shopee directly thru their chat support.

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