Why Invest in Philippine Stock Market

Why invest in Philippine stock market? It isn’t how much you earn but how much you invest. This quote always keeps me motivated in investing.

A man who earns P50,000 a month and saves 20% of it is better than a man who earns P150,000 a month and spends all of it.

Not long ago I opened an online stock trading account. My officemate noticed so he asked, “Are you an expert on stock market? So why invest in Philippine stock market?” I didn’t answer to end the conversation. The more you talk, the worse it gets so I just smiled. But then I said to myself, “You don’t need to be Warren Buffett to invest in the stock market.”

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Why Invest in Stock Market

The thing is, skeptics have the loudest mouth but don’t get things done. Worse, their comments don’t empower people at all. That incident inspired me to write this post. Perhaps I could let someone forward this post so she could learn the least.

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So that’s what I did. I did not say a word. I only smiled and thought, perhaps he was right and maybe he was wrong. He was right in a way that I am not an expert in stock trading. I admit that. Gosh, who is? And maybe he was wrong.

Enter COLFinancial

Although I’m not an expert in stock market, that won’t stop me at all. COLFinancial’s interface is easy that even a 6 year old can do the trade for me. And even if it’s risky, I know I could always mitigate risks in stock market trading.

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I never tried their demo account. I never researched anything about their trading platform. What prompted me to make a move is that it is recommended by Bo Sanchez. He trade stocks through COLFinancial. Even his maids and drivers invest on it too. So why shouldn’t I?

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Now my account is good and I earn a bit. But my earnings are higher than saving my money in banks. In a savings account you would only earn roughly 1% per annum. While in stock market you could earn as much as 20% per annum.

You don’t really need the knowledge of Warren Buffett to start. You don’t have to be a stockbroker either. COLFinancial provides a daily investment guide that you can refer what stocks to buy. And you don’t need a huge amount to start investing. At Php1,000 you can already open an account. Read my other post on how to open an account with COLFinancial.

Why Invest in Philippine Stock Market

So to answer the question, why invest in Philippine stock market? These are the top 3 reasons for me.

  1. Financial stability – having stock market investments could be used as an emergency fund. It’s a unique fund as its value increases over time.
  2. For future financial security – stock market’s true potential could only be realized in long term. It’s a perfect investment that grows in time.
  3. Beat inflation – saving is not going to save us from inflation but investing. With inflation, currency loses its value over time. That is why investing makes sense, your money will earn more money for you.


Stock market investing isn’t intimidating and one that can be learned in few days. It’s a very important topic that should be taught in school. I always wonder why it isn’t even discussed in school?

You don’t have to be an expert to invest in stock market. You only have to learn the basics for you to earn on your investments.

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