How to Make the Most Out of Covid: 7 Efficient Methods

The coronavirus pandemic hits the global scene. However, businesses never stop and so most of us are still working and staying at home. These are 7 best ways on how to make the most out of covid-19 pandemic.

Start that Business


Many of us have been wanting to start a business. Let this isolation be the best opportunity for you to do your research, study your market, get your licenses and set all things up so that by the time the crisis is over, you can start the ball running with your new business. Guess what, some of the world’s top companies were started during a recession. Even a microbusiness is a good start. There are no excuses for not starting a business.

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Read a Book


Dust off your books or get on your ebooks and start reading. This is the best time to read the books you’ve been wanting to read. Some of the best lessons I learned in life are from the books I’ve read. Personally I like ebooks than hard copies for portability reasons. I could store hundreds of ebooks in my library without the heavy load.

Learn to Code


I’m learning how to code thru online courses using Udemy. It’s fun to learn from the best teachers at your own pace, no pressure and you can get back on track anytime you want. You can even download videos so that access courses offline. Check out courses on Udemy.

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Spend Quality Time with Loved Ones

a-family-holding-hands-while-walkingUse this opportunity to sit down and have a real talk with your loved ones. Dine together and play with your kids without any distractions: no mobile phones, no social media.

Invest in the Stock Market


Stocks hit the rock bottom especially airline stocks. Now is the best time to buy and profit. Check out my Facebook post on blue chip stocks price comparison between Nov 2019 and Mar 2020. This could be the only time with the highest odds of making money through stocks.

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Learn a New Skill


If you’ve been too busy at work you could no longer make time to learn skills that you genuinely like to do. Is it learning how to play a guitar or baking pastries? Now is the perfect time to learn the ropes. Check out some resources in Google and you’ll be surprised with references you can follow.

Tidy Up Your Home


This is the most practical approach to make use of your time while staying at home. Dust off your furniture or clean your toilet. These tasks are mundane yet satisfying enough when accomplished. Remember that a clean house is a sign of a clean mind.


Working from home is a common practice these days to avoid the spread of the corona virus. This is a serious disease as the death toll rises particularly in the US and Europe. Rather than getting bored at home, you can take advantage of this crisis by simply doing something else.

A final note, for the sake of our loved ones, please always stay at home. Go out only when necessary. Now isn’t the time to criticize government’s mandate. We could always argue with government’s lapses but this time the best thing that we can do is to stay at home. For more information about the corona virus pandemic, visit the official website of World Health Organization.

eCommerce is also growing at a rapid pace, thanks to COVID-19, people are scared or discouraged to go out unless necessary. Online shopping is the new normal.

When everything’s going online, it makes sense to adapt technological breakthroughs. Surely, it saves us a lot of time and makes our task easy.

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