On December 17, 2012, while being stuck in the office waiting to go home, I was suddenly struck by a lightning bolt. I had just received my 13th month pay and I didn’t know what to do about it. What if I invest it in the stock market? And that is the best idea that I had so far. This is my stock market update as of 2nd quarter 2015.

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Yes I could spend it one time with a fancy iPhone or splurge into a drinking spree but I opted not to since I knew I would experience a buyer’s remorse. (It’s a good intuition by the way and it serves me well along the way)

DISCLAIMER: This is not a bragging room. I am not the richest man. The main purpose of showing the actual figures is to encourage everyone to invest and to help one another on how to increase our chances in winning the bizarre game of investing.

Upon profound thinking, I realized I didn’t need such things. A new smartphone is not necessary since I just bought a new phone last June of 2012. It sure did look new and shiny, no scratches or whatsoever and it’s running smoothly. Thus no forcing reason to buy a new one.

And then a bolt of lightning hit me – what if I invest this in a stock market?

I have read few articles about stock market and how few people found their fortune in this investment vehicle. Fascinating. Intriguing. My curiosity broke out and so I followed where it go.

I tell you, my initial motivation to invest is not mainly for profit but for curiosity and fun. I’m a dynamic person. I get fed up easily so I want to try new things. Being scared is like a second nature to me and I embrace it. Sometimes I want to break the rules, I don’t follow what people are doing and saying. Unless they are the person of authority. Stubborn. Yes, that’s what a Taurus is.

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Next thing I knew, I was trading in the stock market. I was buying stocks, held it for a while until it increased in value and selling it for profit. It is fun when you are always winning. “I’m gonna be rich with this!”, I greedily thought with a demonic laugh. But NO.

After two and a half years, I am now showing you how my stock market investment is doing.

Note: Prepare to have a tissue, you might puke while watching this

Nasty, right? I told you. I have an “unrealized” loss of Php 13,659.62. Take note of the word “unrealized”. This is so because you haven’t lose this money yet not until you sell your shares. But the moment you sell your shares, it will become a “net” loss.

What the hell did I do wrong?

With a 23% loss I’m sure we are thinking the same thing – what did I do with my investments?

When I was just starting out in the stock market I was a busy bee watching my stocks go up and down. I’ve heard about investing in blue chip stocks but I didn’t believe them. For me they’re like an average investor doing safe, fear-based decisions. I wanted to be a maverick. A true hard-core investor.

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But I failed to be one because I lacked the dedication to study more and didn’t have the time to do so. I’m a private employee.

Now things started to pay off as a toll to my ignorance.

What could I have done that you can do now

My loss is still a “potential” loss. I may be able to recover it when the value of my shares rises (oh please, rise) or if my other portfolio is performing better that breaks even the loss. I still believe this downfall is temporary and it will bounce back.

For starting investors, you might want to take these tips with you as you pave the way on your investment journey.

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Don’t invest without proper research

Starting is better than not doing anything. But be wary, starting it wrong may cut you off from achieving your goals. Before you invest in any industry (or company) in the stock market, make sure you had your research and solid reference.

Sometime in early 2013 I invested in a mining company because I’ve read somewhere that the price of silver and gold will increase on that same year. I bought several shares, optimistic that the price would go up and earn massive profits.

But lo and behold, the price fell on the brink, rose up again, froze and I never had the chance to earn my investments. When the loss was quite a little (Php 9.00), I sold my shares and dreaded the mining industry forever. But, is mining industry really a bad investment? No. I was ignorant that time.

I later found out that the reason why the stocks fell was because their operations had a mining spillage that caused an environmental impact which resulted to a violation and a fine of several millions to the area affected.

Don’t get swayed with other people’s opinion

The people who don’t know what is really happening are the ones who talk too much. So don’t listen to any of them.

They are just scared of what will happen so they tend to influence others with their baseless opinion so that you will be afraid too! At all cost avoid these stock pickers, self-acclaimed gurus and other wannabes.

Mirror the trades of successful investors

You simply want the best of your investments – profit. Do your homework, read about the company you are interested in and ask help from an expert. I suggest you subscribe to Bo Sanchez’s stock market investment guide.

No, he is not doing that alone. He has a team of stock market experts that alerts them what stocks to buy, at what price to buy and what price to sell. They are trustworthy. Had I listened to them, by now I should have made a profit from Jollibee (JFC) stocks.


It takes a person with a brave heart to invest in the stock market. Assess yourself before you take the plunge. Anticipate loss but have the courage to win. Think about the situation and seek help from an expert. You can win in your investments!

P.S. Are you gaining or losing in your stock market investments? Share your experience below :)

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