For employees, savings and investments should be the top priority as soon as paycheck is received. BPI automatic savings can do exactly that without lifting a finger. Here’s how to do it.

Always remember to pay yourself first. As Warren Buffett puts it, “Don’t save what is left after spending; spend what is left after saving.” Saving is painful but here’s a trick I’ve been using through BPI Online – how to automate savings.

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How to Setup BPI Automatic Savings Through Scheduled Transfers

1. Log in to BPI with your username and password
2. Hover to Funds Transfer, then hover again to Scheduled Fund Transfer
3. Click Schedule Fund Transfer


4. Fill up the form completely


  1. Enter amount to transfer
  2. Select the source account
  3. Select the destination account (recipient). If destination account is a 3rd Party account, you need to register it first by going to any BPI branch. If it is your own account, no need to register at BPI branch
  4. Tick Recurring Transfers
  5. Select Mode of transfer (either monthly or quarterly)
  6. Select the Start Date
  7. On Alert Options, tick Alert me by email 3 days before scheduled transfer is processed
  8. Click Submit and you are done!

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How to View, Modify or Delete or Scheduled Transfers

1. Hover to Funds Transfer, then hover again to Scheduled Funds Transfer
2. Click View Scheduled Transfers


3. Select the source account


4. Now you can see the scheduled transfers of that selected source account


5. Tick the scheduled transfer and click Cancel to stop the transfer, Edit to change amount or frequency, or Reset to untick the selected transfer

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With the advancement of technology, saving is now easy and more convenient. We should take advantage of this in order to save time and effort.

What about you, do you have other saving tricks?

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