Let’s face it. There are many ways to be financially-free but by far the best is to have a business. In terms of flexibility, income potential and mobility, having one’s business truly outweighs the benefits of being a 9-5 day job employee.

But whats boggling for some time is the inability to start. Here are the most famous excuses of not having a business.

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No Capital

This is on top of the list. Ask everyone and this will be their number one response. This sounds stupid, for me. I would ask that person again for a follow-up question, “So how much do you need to start?”

To my amusement, the reply goes, “I don’t really know. Maybe $25,000 is enough, isn’t it?” And then silence follows.

As much as I wanted to talk argumentatively, I just control my emotions and keep it to myself thinking that he would realize someday that he’s wrong and I don’t want to sound like a know-it-all business expert. But hey, do you really need (BIG) money to make money? Not really.

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Years before, I was not convinced with this idea. It sounded so confusing. Coz what I’ve learned in my Marketing subject, you need to have a capital – Owner’s Equity. If you don’t have a cash outlay, how would you start?

In a traditional business, this premise is valid. You couldn’t start a grocery store unless you have a physical store, goods, staff and equipment. But with the micro-business evolution, anyone can start a business immediately. Even now! Here are few businesses that I know that you could start with little or no capital at all.


You can write about almost anything and sell it through a pdf file. Unlike before that you must publish your book to be physically sold, now you can sell it as an information product with no cost at all, just sweat.

Affiliate Marketing

Promote other people’s product and earn commissions every time you refer someone. Before, you have to have a physical handle of a certain product for you to sell to someone.

Thus, additional channel is created and more delays take place. Now you can just place a link on your own website or social media sites to promote an offer and earn if someone ends up buying a product/service through that link.

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This is a new concept of being an intermediary between the vendor and ultimate consumers. With this, you will act as a vendor selling products globally to consumers. But the twist is that, you don’t manufacture or make your products.

You are just selling someone else’s product to consumers at a profit. Got it? The best part of this is that the consumers you referred will have no idea where the product came from as soon as they receive the package.

Now that I have presented some business ideas with no capital at all, would it be valid to consider the first excuse as a myth? :)

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No Business Idea

This excuse may be in some point of time valid or not. I can see someone who’s quite determined to become an entrepreneur yet hasn’t started.

The reason anyone could not come up with a business idea is because they tend to overcomplicate things and think of extravagant innovations. It’s like wondering how they could be like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. That’s really hard, I tell you.

And I could not even think of things like that either. Why not think instead of a specific, simple product to a chosen niche?

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How about a solution to people with warts? Asthma? Or maybe related to your interests like art supplies? Nothing could go wrong with your product/service as long as it provides real value to your clients.

This second excuse is still not valid. There are lots of opportunities. It’s just a matter of mindwork, research and scouting.

No Experience

Still some find it hard to start a business due to the fact that they don’t have an experience or something.

They reasoned out that they need to immerse themselves more on that specific interest through research, studies and surveys before taking the plunge. I would say this is acceptable but not really the best thing to do. There are 3 reasons.

Business idea will be delayed

Money loves speed. As soon as you start to act money starts flowing in. Every time you skip on something someone else might have figured it out and start before you do.

There is no such thing as perfect timing

I was a firm-believer that everything has its own time. But not until I realized that the best time is NOW. Starting little is better than delaying. It is because you will just learn along the way, differentiate a little and you don’t need to be an expert to start doing your thing.

Opportunity Loss

As soon as you start your business, you will capture all the market possibilities and it is awkwardly wide. But to postpone something narrows the chances and competition may exist. Business is time-sensitive. So it really matters to be heads up than never.

Thus, the third excuse is still not valid.


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