While Wealth Summit 2013 Day 1 was fully-packed with superb speakers across all sorts of businesses, Day 2 was even better! When I received the summit bag on Day 1, I dug off the contents and came over to each material.

The bag is imprinted with “MY BAG OF ABUNDANCE”. And as you can see on the picture, GOD is emphasized through a yellow font. Nice! Inside the bag is a book entitled “Companion” – a scripture diary book for Apr – Jun 2013.

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Now I gotta read this book starting April. The other contents of the bag were the Summit Manual and promotional leaflets from COLFinancial, BDO and IMG.

I immediately checked Summit Manual. I was stoked to see the group of Internet Superheroes! Internet Marketing (IM) is my cup of tea. I love working on my computer. Since then I couldn’t wait to listen to the speakers anymore.

These IM superheroes are composed of Jomar Hilario – the Internet Marketing guru behind, Paolo Abadesco – Bo’s secret weapon on his online marketing campaigs, Sha Nacino – author of How To Make More Money & How To Make Your Dreams Come True and the serial Cebuano youngster Jan Hilado – author of Rich, Real, Radical and a millionaire at the age of 18.

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All the BIGGEST names in the industry were set to give a talk on the second day of Wealth Summit 2013. I was excited. Elated. My eyes were bulging as I was sitting on the second row. Since I am near-sighted, I always manage to be seated in front to see the details of my subject.

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Saturday, Mar 02, 2013, was the second day of Wealth Summit. Here are the topics with corresponding speakers:

Entrepreneurship: “How To Start Your Super Business”
Dean Pax Lapid, AIM Professor, Owner of 8 successful businesses, Best-selling Author

Business Expansion: “How to Grow Your Super Business”
Bo Sanchez, TrulyRichClub, Best-selling Author, Entrepreneur

Franchising: “Franchise Superheroes”
Emily Carpio, Generica
Boy Manguerra, Mang Inasal

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Internet Marketing: “Internet Superheroes”
Jomar Hilario,
Paolo Abadesco,
Sha Nacino,
Jan Hilado,
Mega Business: “How to Build a Giant Business”

Edward Lee, COLFinancial
Junie Toreja, Toreja Corp.
Ronnie Siasoyco, Trion
Randy Manaloto, Citydorms Corp.

Multiple Income Streams (MIS): “How to Create MIS”
Rex Mendoza, PhilAm Life

Closing Session: Superheroes’ Prayer
Bo Sanchez

All the speakers instilled my gray matter with chunks of information. But not even information overload. I wrote down notes on my manual for every wisdom nugget uttered by the speakers. I just loved the feeling of listening to these people.

Of all the speakers on Day 2, I really liked the superheroes on Mega Business. Yes they are BIG men and major players in the industry. But what set them apart from others are their modesty, God-centeredness and philanthropies.

It has long been in mind that rich businessmen are crooks, greedy and selfish. That they only think about profit, nothing else! But I was partly wrong.

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While there are some, still a number remains. And these are the Superheroes in Wealth Summit 2013. Yes, I adore them. I commend them. Before each of their speeches ended, I was struck upon hearing them (one by one) saying, that the ultimate purpose of wealth is to share others.

How nice it was to hear! And they meant it. It’s not lip service like other speakers were doing. They walk the talk!

Not only because of their values that I admired them. But it is because of their valuable and specific advices that are very practical & usable to almost everyone.

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They have the wisdom that you couldn’t find on books and other materials. Listening to them was like entrusting your ears and hearts to every word they said.

I trusted them. I had no choice! Why shouldn’t I trust them when they are already billionaires? You would really feel hope, inspiration, drive and confidence to start your own thing.

To sum it up, these are my over-all comments for Wealth Summit 2013 using my own criteria of 5S: Summit Fee, Speaker, Schedule Adherence, Service and Surprises.

Summit Fee

The Summit Fee was all worth it. I did not regret anything. I liked the venue & the facility, the competence of speakers and the service (registration, food, Summit Kit, etc).


All the speakers were good. Some were brilliant. Some were newbies but I saw their determination to conquer stage fright. What matters anyway is the content and quality of what they were saying, not the English grammar and pronunciation. I am cool with this. I can relate.

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Schedule Adherence

Time hadn’t been followed exactly. But I liked it hadn’t. Else, I would be left unsatisfied! On average, each speaker was given 15 minutes to talk. Quite short.

Could have been better to reduce the number of speakers and have it 60 minutes for each speaker to cover the whole details: start-up, technical aspects, ways of earning, future plans, etc.


In the registration, I liked the way they handled it. The e-tickets brought by attendees were easily read through a bar code, not the conventional manual handwriting of names on the registration sheet.

As a result, registration had been faster and smooth. The staff also had a good service. They were all scattered around the venue. They were ready to help and always guided everyone.

The food served on the snacks and lunches were all very good: freshly-made and had a good taste! Wash rooms were also near the hall. So anyone has an easy access anytime.

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Remember the superheroes who stood at the entrance and guided participants? Yeah, it was amazing. I liked it. The raffle prizes were astonishing!

I liked the prizes but I didn’t win though. The live band rocks! The mixing was perfect such that each instruments produced a balanced sound. No instrument was playing louder than the rest.


I was really happy I attended Wealth Summit 2013. Looking forward to Wealth Summit 2014. My thoughts were renewed and inspired. I now have more reasons to strive and have my own business.


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Paul Dabuco is the author of Juan Investor. He’s passionate about investing and digital marketing. When he’s not blogging he’s either tinkering on his clients’ Facebook ads or beachbumming.

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  1. Paul Dabuco 03/05/2013 at 11:46 - Reply

    Day 2 has got even better! Really happy to be part of this event. What do you think of Day 2?

  2. Red 03/08/2013 at 10:56 - Reply

    Nice review. I am looking forward for TRC Wealth Summit 2014

  3. Paul Dabuco 03/08/2013 at 10:59 - Reply

    Thanks Red! See you on the next Wealth Summit :)

  4. joy bonita 05/11/2013 at 08:24 - Reply

    great blog paul. never knew you also do this.

    see you at the top. =)

  5. Paul Dabuco 05/11/2013 at 08:42 - Reply

    Thanks Joy! Yep I enjoy doing this :)

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