Challenges and struggles are constant. Let’s face it. And every time we got into a hot plate, we need to act accordingly and decide on the best course of action.

Dilemma? Oh yes, it’s between the devil and the deep blue sea. A situation where the options are all worse. It’s not really considered options! It makes us think, “is there a better option?”

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But one thing in common when we are caught into this circumstance is the encouragement we often hear, “Think positive! Think positive!” Empowering. Yes. But is this really helping us all the time? Not really.

In some cases, yes. These words may soothe our feelings. It comforts us. But this doesn’t apply all the time.

Think about this. Sorry for the example but I have to emphasize the differences. It is only in extremities that we can compare two things.

May I have your permission to bear with me. Your friend has a stage 4 lung cancer. At any time, he will die. There’s no time left for him. The doctor said about acceptance of his state. No medications could treat him. No major operations could heal the disease.

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Here comes your other friend telling you to think positively! How would you react? Are you kidding me? You’re telling me to think positively when certainly a negative outcome is likely to happen?

What is Positive thinking?

It is when you only think of good outcome. Yes. No matter what happens, only the best takes place after any trials. After any challenges. Hurdles. Struggles.But my question is, is this sensible? Power thinking on the other hand is the flexibility to accept things that may happen – good or bad.

If an event is likely to be favorable on your part, you still think of the worst case that may happen. Conversely, if you’re struggling on something and you know that you’re going to fail, you still consider the odds of making it thru luck. Or maybe divine intervention! Yes, miracles!

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Pros of Positive Thinking

It pushes your full potential

When you are in a dilemma, positive thinking enables you to find the ultimate way to achieve that purpose. Whether it costs your whole ability or your life!

There’s no stopping back. You divulge your full energy and ability to gain that something that you long for.

It gives you power

As an optimist, you simply don’t allow nor accept negative outcomes. You want the best. Meaning, you make your own outcome. You have the power to create your destiny. There’s no one in control but you. You don’t believe when someone tells you “You can’t make it, kiddo!” You know what will happen! And that is positive! In favor of YOU!

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Cons of Positive Thinking

In positive thinking, you ignore the negative outcomes. Which is rationally insensible. What if it’s really the unexpected that will take place? Are you gonna collapse? Heart attack? Nervous breakdown? Oh my gosh! Or are you gonna live life in regret and desperation.

Pros of Power Thinking


You control your emotions. Your feelings. You don’t know what will happen – true! You’re no Nostradamus. No one knows! But if the effect is on your part, rejoice! You believe you deserve it! It’s truly for you.

You are meant to achieve or acquire that something that you long for. But if not, fine! All is well whether good or bad! If the outcome is not going on your part, then move on. Maybe you don’t have it this time but maybe next.

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Come on, no one is capable of only thinking the positive outcome. Whether minor or major issues, we can’t help ourselves but think of the negative and positive outcomes. And that’s normal.

We are humans. We worry, weep, laugh, etc. (3) Recuperation. Since power thinkers are open to any events, there is a good chance to recover what is lost through executing alternatives and options. In power thinking, you tend to plan for contingencies. If this result occurs, execute Plan A. Otherwise, do Plan B. Now, isn’t that good?

Cons of Power Thinking

Luck reliance

No matter how good power thinking may sound, this could not escape on the improper use of the person involved. Thinking about the two sides of the coin, one may never push for his full abilities and efforts considering that he would fail, no matter what.

Thus, this paralyses his winning reflexes and relying only on luck. He accepts no matter what happens so he will never exert more effort on something uncertain.

Less fear, less focus

When someone takes results easily (whether positive or negative), he doesn’t put all his efforts in one thing only. Why? Diversification! That is why businessmen diversify. Nobody knows which venture is profitable or not, so why focus on one thing? It is the protection of fear. Protection of ignorance.


So what is best then, positive thinking or power thinking? You might ask. My answer? Case to case basis. Some instances call you think positively! Trust your guts, your intuitions. But some cases want power thinking for you. You need to!


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